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Christopher Kapic

Yes... this is my personal blog... I still need to move over my old blog posts and update the branding from the template.

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Choosing an Open Source Headless CMS

Christopher Kapic Aug 29, 2022

Today, there are many options for CMSs, from traditional ones like Wordpress to many modern Headless CMSs. Use this framework to help get started in making your decision.

I created a 🔥blazingly🔥 fast blog template with Astro and NetlifyCMS

Christopher Kapic Aug 18, 2022

I used Astro and NetlifyCMS to create a blog template which automatically republishes the articles to Medium and with their respective APIs.

How to use Astro Devblog

Christopher Kapic Aug 15, 2022

Use Astro devblog to host your own developer blog for free and automatically republish to Medium and


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